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It's more than photographs

To better know us, first, we would love to share with you why we do what we do. Why we left our day jobs to pick up a camera and say "We are going to be photographers!" I know we are supposed to say it has always been a lifelong dream of ours. But in reality, it wasn't. We never planned on being photographers, but we are so glad we are, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

For us photography is personal. A photo is special. To us, it's something to cherish. We know this all too well.

As we walk through our house, we look at all the beautiful photos we have hanging and the memories of those moments come back to us like a floodgate opening. We see pictures of us dating and our wedding, and we are reminded of the love we share. We see pictures of our daughter Carter laughing and smiling, and we think to ourselves; we have an amazing daughter, and we can't wait to see what she accomplishes. We see photos of our son Kyan laughing and playing with his favorite toys. In these photos, he's two and a half, and we smile and wonder what our son would be like today.

We are wedding photographers, educators, a husband, a wife, and parents. We are so glad you're here, and we'd love to get to know you better!

Why we are photographers! 

Our work has been featured in top publications

Clients often describe our work as full of emotion, natural, light, and warm. 

including Bride and Groom Magazine, Style Me Pretty, The Knot, Arizona Weddings Magazine, Two Bright Lights, Ultimate Wedding Magazine, Wedding Wire, It Started With Yes, Borrowed and Blue, Luxe Mountain Weddings, Wedding Colors, and Trendy Groom, among others. 

After photographing 125+ weddings over the past five years, you would think we would grow tired of weddings. When in reality, we keep falling in love with this job over and over again! We want you to know all those special moments that take your breath away will be intentionally designed and photographed, so you don't have to worry. And someday, when your children and grandchildren see the photos from your wedding day, they will see and feel the love you share.

Simply put we love... love.

To us, photography isn't just a standard list of photos, making sure we check each box. It's so much more. It's capturing the love, the excitement, the tears, and the joy; it's about emotion. Preserving a moment in time forever so when you look back on those photos, you remember the feeling you had at that moment and get lost in the memories.

Our Philosophy! 

Joy tells ME to hurry in the bathroom. #beardproblems

I wanted to name my daughter Shelby after the car... Joy said no.

My daughters middle
name is Peyton... After the football great Peyton Manning.

I believe comics are not just for kids!

There is no ice cream flavor
I will not try.

Like all true love stories, we met at KFC. I don't know, maybe it was the Colonel's secret herbs and spices?

Artist, thinker, soft-spoken, planner. Lover of muscle cars, fine art, and old army movies. Vegetarian only when Joy asks. Ice cream connoisseur (Yeah that’s a thing). And believes everything is better with bacon. 

benjamin clifford

When I’m cooking my kitchen becomes the food network.
I may or may not talk to an imaginary camera, and Bobby Flay may or may not be my co-host.

There isn’t a 90’s hip hop song
I don’t know the words to.

I might like the movie Trolls
more than my 5 year old

I love scary movies.
But the cheesiest ones
are my favorite.

Me time consists of a good book, the coziest, fluffiest blanket you can imagine, and a giant mug of tea.

Caring, nurturer, awesome cook, amazing mom. Loves yoga, pilates and Chris Hemsworth (not in that order). Professional critic of street tacos, burgers, and cheesy scary movies. 

joy clifford

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 Check out some testimonials from our past clients; why they chose us, what their experience was like, how we were able to set them at ease, and what they really enjoyed about the whole process. 
We always work hard to make our clients feel comfortable, because that's when the most realistic, engaging photos come about. You can tell from hearing these couples share their first-hand experiences, that we are all about making our clients not only feel their best, but also look their best. And we've been honored and privileged to share in the happy moments of these couples, and so many others.
Be sure to check out our portfolio of previous work. Our gallery of wedding photos showcases how Joy and I work to capture fun and romantic moments with creativity and tastefulness; and you can tell that the couples we photographed were genuinely having the time of their life! If you want an easy-going photo session that will capture your special moments, choose Benjamin Clifford Photography, so that you can relive those wonderful memories years from now, as if they were yesterday. 

Hear it from our past clients!

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Jaqueline and Jason

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Sit back and relax knowing your photography and cherished memories will be intentionally designed by a husband and wife team who have been where you are.

We do not take all the weddings that come our way. And that is a good thing. We know it is essential for us to work with the right couples, and they with us.

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