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a husband and wife photography team.

hi there, bride to be!

What she thought would be an easy “A” turned into a love of nature, the beauty of an Idaho sunset, dense forests, grand mountains, and acres of gold farm lands. She spent hundreds of dollars on disposable cameras, and film. There were no digital cameras back then. As a young girl it was inevitable that she would become obsessed with every aspect of a wedding day. Now she believes photographing weddings is the ultimate joy, because everyone’s vision for their wedding is so unique. Being able to capture what each bride has dreamed of for her entire life, in Joy’s words, “feeds her soul.”

she stumbled upon photography
in high school.

When Joy was growing up in a potato farming town in Idaho,

Realizing art was something that was easy and natural for him and that he had an uncanny eye for detail, he continued to study and grow in the fine arts. Eventually he picked up a camera and photography became more than part of a natural progression. It became his love, his end goal. Ben fell in love with the ability he has to look beyond a traditional photo; creating something more, something unique. Putting clients at ease with his soft tone, and amazing “dad” jokes, he has the ability to draw out emotions from couples and capture them in a unique way that feels effortless and natural.

He remembers watching other artists when he was young and somehow being able to pick apart and see every line, every brush stroke, and every angle the artist was using.

Art found Ben early in life. 

Ben and Joy’s work has been featured in top publications

Clients often describe their work as full of emotion, natural, light, and warm. 

including Bride and Groom Magazine, Style Me Pretty, The Knot, Two Bright Lights, Ultimate Wedding Magazine, Wedding Wire, It Started With Yes, Borrowed and Blue, Luxe Mountain Weddings, Wedding Colors, and Trendy Groom, among others. 

Who said comic books
are just for kids?

I wanted to name my daughter Shelby after the car... Joy said no.

My daughters middle
name is Peyton... After the football great Peyton Manning.

I believe camping is a
year round activity.

There is no ice cream flavor
I will not try.

Artist, thinker, soft-spoken, planner. Lover of muscle cars, fine art, and old army movies. Vegetarian only when Joy asks. Ice cream connoisseur (Yeah that’s a thing). And believes everything is better with bacon. 

benjamin clifford

When I’m cooking my kitchen becomes the food network.
I may or may not talk to an imaginary camera, and Bobby Flay may or may not be my co-host.

There isn’t a 90’s hip hop song
I don’t know the words to.

I might like the movie Trolls
more than my 5 year old

I love scary movies.
But the cheesiest ones
are my favorite.

Me time consists of a good book, the coziest, fluffiest blanket you can imagine, and a giant mug of tea.

Caring, nurturer, awesome cook, amazing mom. Loves yoga, pilates and Chris Hemsworth (not in that order). Professional critic of street tacos, burgers, and cheesy scary movies. 

joy clifford

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Join us for a behind-the-scenes peek at Hailey and Bo's wedding from the photographer's point of view! The gorgeous bride and almost equally ethereal natural light made the "getting ready" shots seem easy to create, and you can tell just how much I really get into photographing the details, from shoes and jewelry to perfumes and lace. My wife Joy was, as always, a big help capturing the dance floor action and portrait outtakes, and I'm going to throw her under the bus by telling you that she got a little teary-eyed when we saw how this wonderful couple's emotional bond really shone came out during in their lakeside bridal portrait session.
OK, I admit it. I did too. With couples like this, it's impossible not to "feel it."
Joy and I first got to know Hailey and Bo when we shot their engagement photos at Imperial Sand Dunes, and we're honored that they chose Benjamin Clifford Photography to tell the next chapter in their story at their Forrest Highlands wedding!

Video One:
Hailey and Bo

When our clients are enjoying themselves, it's a lot easier to create engagement photos that really let them interact with one another in a natural, playful way. My own bride and I were in their shoes not too long ago, and we know that our clients might feel a little awkward when anticipating their engagement photography session... and I think I get a little bit more street cred as a guy who's "been through it" and who completely understands what it's like to be caught up in the process.
Joy and I had a fantastic time photographing our clients at Papago Park in Phoenix. Come have a behind-the-scenes look at how easygoing and fun your engagement session can be when you choose Benjamin Clifford Photography to tell your wedding story. If you want to see more, visit our Portfolio Page to see the results of our evening with Jason and Jaqueline!

Video Two:
Jaqueline and Jason's Engagement Session

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